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From BEKO TECHNOLOGIES the BEKOMAT combines new solutions and significant advantages in technology.

BEKOMAT "Zero Air Loss" drain valves remove undesirable condensate from compressed air system after-coolers, receiver tanks, air dryers, and filters.

These sensor controlled drain valves operate only on demand, when liquid is present, discharging the unwanted condensate reliably and without unnecessary loss of expensive compressed air. Condensate is collected within the valve body and monitored by a patented electronic capacitive min-max level-controlled sensor system (no timer controls wasting air or sticky floats to hang-up). When a high level is detected, condensate automatically discharges through an oversized orifice.

Drain valve includes a test button for manual operation, a flashing alarm light and a dry contact output for remote alarm detection. Inlet port adjustable elbow adapter allows for vertical or horizontal connection. The BEKOMAT drain valve has become the industry standard because of its high reliability and energy saving operation.

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